Unusual Bathroom Accidents

In homes across the UK, there are several hundred documented bathroom accidents reported to hospitals every day. Most are routine, such as slipping in the shower or bathtub, or tripping over the bathroom rug. They don't often result in very serious injuries other than some soreness. But there are certain unusual bathroom accidents in which the damage can be much more extreme.

Scalding Hands in Water

Most people turn on the faucets to wash their hands in the sink and think nothing of it. The water usually flows at an even temperature and nothing bad happens. But when we inadvertently turn the hot water up very high because our minds are drifting elsewhere, this is when a serious accident can occur. If the hands are not pulled away in time, severe pain, scarring, burning and blistering can definitely occur and require hospital attention.

Swallowing Mouthwash

Many of use routinely swish and gargle with strong, alcohol containing mouthwash every morning for thirty seconds. Then we spit it out. But when our mind is thinking of something else or we're simultaneously listening to a nearby TV, we can easily lose the ability to hold the mouthwash in our mouth, and we inadvertently swallow it. This is definitely a medical emergency since the back of the bottle states if swallowed you need to contact a poison control center immediately.

Radio Falls into Bathtub

If this happens, it would seem most people would know not to go near it. But this rare occurrence does happen. It's often children or teenagers who don't know any better who try to lift it out. At the very least, they can get a serious shock. In the worst case scenario, complete electrocution is definitely possible. The only comforting fact to know about this tragedy is that it's not a common occurrence at all.

Hand Stuck in Toilet

This happens when someone is bending over and trying to remove or dislodge something that seems stuck in the toilet. If a person's hand is deep enough inside it, combined with either the accidental or intentional flushing of the toilet, this creates a powerful water vacuum that can easily cause the hand to get stuck. Emergency plumbing assistance is then necessary to remove it. And sometimes damage can be done to the hand from the force and pressure of being stuck inside against the hard ceramic material.

Rubbing Alcohol in Eyes

When you use rubbing alcohol to massage out the soreness or cramps in you muscles, it's very possible that the alcohol could splash up and into the eyes. This is a very serious accident because it severely burns and stings. The eyes then have to be thoroughly flushed out with cool water for at least fifteen minutes. This could also occur if after we massage our muscles with the alcohol we forget to wash our hands. Then if we touch our eyes because they itch for another reason, some alcohol could certainly penetrate under the eyelids onto the surface of the eyes.


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